Daily Bible Reading

January 11, 2020 Bible Reading & Questions

Acts 17:16-34
How has your worship impacted your passion to share the truth of
the gospel of Jesus?

Does your worship of God accurately reflect what the Bible
says about God?

Have you ever felt ridicule about how you worship?
How did you respond?


January 9, 2020 Bible Readings and Questions

Matthew 2:1-12

How has the world around to influence your worship?

From what God has provided you, what gifts have you offered in your worship of


January 7, 2020 Bible Reading & Questions

Read Genesis 22:1-19
Scripture tells us that God decided to test Abraham’s faith. Ultimately it was a test of faith in Abraham’s worship. How has God tested you, or is He testing you now, in your faith?

What sacrifice is God asking you to trust Him with concerning your worship?

What promise has God made you concerning worship? (Can you validate it
through Scripture?)