Bible Reading

Daily Bible Reading

February 15, 2020 Bible Reading & Questions

1 Peter 1:13-2:3

How are you preparing yourself for the discipline necessary
to grow in your salvation?

Do you ever consider how God will judge your behavior?

What is your level of desire towards spiritual maturity? How can you increase it?


February 13, 2020 Bible Reading & Questions

Romans 6:15-23

Do you ever feel enslaved to sin? How does this passage free you from this lie?
Do you find yourself offering up parts of your life as a
“weapon for unrighteousness”?
What can you do to change?
How does grace change your behavior?
What fruit are you producing that results in sanctification (setting you apart to holiness)?


February 11, 2020 Bible Reading & Questions

Ephesians 5:8-17

Are you a child of light in the Lord? If you were asked, can you tell
how this happened? When? Where?

In what ways has your walk moved from darkness to light?

How can you pay better attention to your walk?


February 08, 2020 Bible Reading & Questions

Revelation 3:19

Were you ever punished as a child? Did you deserve it? Did you learn from it?

Have you ever had to correct or scold someone out of love? (Keeping a child from touching a hot stove!) Were they grateful for the correction at the time?

In what area do you think God would like to correct you right now?


February 06, 2020 Bible Reading & Questions

Proverbs 27:17

How do you sharpen yourself spiritually?

Who do you ask spiritual questions to in order to help them grow?

Who do you allow to ask you difficult questions about your struggles so that you might be sharpened?


February 04, 2020 Bible Reading & Questions

Matthew 26:26-30

•What believers have you fellowshipped with in the last seven days?

•Who encourages you? Who inspires you to be a better Christian?

•Who have you encouraged lately?


February 02, 2020 Bible Reading & Questions

Acts 19:1-10

Who do you know that may be religious but not born again? How can you share the truth with them?

When met by obstacles to sharing the gospel, how have you sought to find other opportunities?

Do you believe God can use you to influence the Lake Region with the gospel of Jesus? Why or why not?


January 30, 2020 Bible Reading & Questions

Acts 10:1-43
Has God ever placed you in a place that made you uncomfortable to share the
Is there someone that you make think is unworthy of God’s grace?
Would you be willing to pray and ask God to expand your influence into areas that may stretch you?


January 28, 2020 Bible Reading & Questions

Acts 7:1-53

Have you ever had to stand up for your faith in front of others?

How did it go? How did the response of the others make you feel?

Were you able to share biblical truth or only your own emotions and views?


January 25, 2020 Bible Reading & Questions

Romans 5:1-5

Why is peace with God so important to experiencing the peace that God gives during trials?

Do you find it difficult to worship when you are experiencing trials? How can this passage help?