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Daily Bible Reading

March 10, 2020 Bible Reading & Question

Have you ever been inconvenienced by God to go and share the gospel message?

How did you respond? How did you feel about the inconvenience?

Will you ask God to help you be obedient when He directs you, even if it isn’t convenient?


March 07, 2020 Bible Reading & Question

Simple questions today!

1 What do you think Heaven will be like?
2 On a scale of 1- 10 how do you treat other believers?
3 On a scale of 1 – 10 how do you treat people who represent the least? Like those who vote differently than you? Those who have different morals? Those who tailgate in traffic? Those in your personal life who have hurt you? How do you love the unlovable?


March 05, 2020 Bible Reading & Questions

What has God entrusted to you? Your health? Your family? A job? Compassion? Wisdom? An ability to cook or repair or create or understand?

What have you done in the last 24 hours with what God has entrusted to you?

How would your world look different if you spent more time each day
investing what God has given you into the world around you?


March 03, 2020 Bible Reading & Questions

What could you have forgotten that would have caused the event to be a disaster?

How often do you find your spiritual walk sidetracked by life?
How often do you forget God in your daily routine?

What can you do to focus on being better prepared spiritually?


February 29, 2020 Bible Reading & Questions

Do you meditate on what you have “in Christ”? Why or why not?

Paul listed four things he found. What are they?
Do you find evidence of them in your life?

How are these things helping you in your relationships?


February 27, 2020 Bible Reading & Questions

Jesus defined His closest relationship as those who did what the Father in heaven wanted done. How do you define your closest relationships?

Based on Jesus’ criteria, is there someone you should be spending less time with? More time with?

Who could be helped in their walk by spending more time with you?


February 25, 2020 Bible Reading & Questions

God says that our relationship with Him is the most important relationship. How are you developing your relationship with Him?

In what ways have you seen God test your love for Him? How did you handle this testing?

Has your love for God ever been greater than it is today? How can you get back?


February 22, 2020 Bible Reading & Questions

Matthew 18:15-35

We are told to pursue reconciliation, even if we are the one who has been hurt.
How do you usually respond when someone hurts you?

Do you typically make only one attempt to reconcile? In our example,
several attempts are made. How can you do more to reconcile and
strengthen your relationships?

What motivates you to forgive others?

How has your awareness of God’s forgiveness helped you with your relationships?


February 20, 2020 Bible Reading & Questions

1 Corinthians 8

In our passage, how someone behaves concerning spiritual convictions can affect their relationship with others. Have you ever experienced this?

How should we behave with those who are less mature in their spiritual walk?

God calls offending the less mature sin. How have you viewed this and how can you behave differently moving forward?


February 18, 2020 Bible Reading & Questions

Genesis 4:1-10

How does your relationship with God effect your relationship with others?

How does sin effect your relationship with others?

What relationships do you need God to impact?